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The coverboys & girl here on Version 1, The Trio, are none other than the tragic protagonists of CLAMP's magnum opus Tokyo Babylon, the Sumeragi twins Subaru and Hokuto, and the distinctly rather awful (despite the adorable false persona) Sakurazaku Seishirou. (Yes, I enjoy Subaru and Sei-chan's 'love story' very much, and find Sei-chan beyond fascinating, but that doesn't mean I have to LIKE him. THIS BITCH EMPTY!)


I'm a Summoner!
Digital Love :: FFVI
aromatic // konpeito
Utena Anthy
Ikari Shinji is all Mine
I claimed → Sumeragi Hokuto
Sumeragi Subaru ×♡ Wen Ning



What you're all here to see! Some of these sites are shrines (or fansites, choose your preferred lingo), but the vast majority as fanlistings. Despite this, I hope that most -- if not all -- of said fanlistings will eventually blossom into mini-shrines at the very least. So! May I present, for your perusal~


Love Ya, Sunshine!

Paresu/Valese of Dragon Ball GT

Blinded by the Blue

Bura of the Dragon Ball series

The Wolf & the Flower

Yamato × Mimi of Digimon Adventure

Runaway Run

Ishida Yamato of Digimon Adventure


North Star

Sumeragi Hokuto of Tokyo Babylon/X


Sumeragi Subaru of Tokyo Babylon/X

Special Somebunny

Buneary of Pokémon


Audino of Pokémon

Wish Upon the Moon

Clefairy of Pokémon

Pudding Puff

Jigglypuff of Pokémon

Jade Eyes

Kudou Youji of Weiß Kreuz

Midnight Lights

Sailor Star Healer of Sailor Moon

Maneki Neko

Nyanko-sensei of Natsume Yuujinchou

Raison D'etre

Chii of Chobits

Rose Witch

Himemiya Anthy of Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Faraway So Close

Katsuragi Misato of Neon Genesis Evangelion


Wen Ning of Mo Dao Zu Shi

Between Love & Hate

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Fruit Soup!

PQ Angels

and the rest

Cosmic Chinese Melody

Dragon Ball lyric translations


my cel gallery


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