all about the princess in blue (and red)

Information! Facts, trivia, and all manner of interesting things to know, served with a moderate slice of speculation and a pinch of opinion (but hopefully not obnoxiously so). Here you'll find information about Bura, from her family to her clothes to what her home life might have been like. Pull up a chair and get your learn on!


Information gleaned on what little we see of Bura in both Z and GT, solid knowledge that can be backed up by things stated by Toriyama-sensei or official sources.

  • the basics: a brief glance at the blue princess' vital stats.
  • name: onomastics, and puns, and bad translations, oh my!
  • episodes: information on all the episodes of Z and GT Bura appears in!
  • voice actresses: the lovely ladies who bring Bura to life on our small screens.
  • manga and anime: the differences between her manga self and her anime self, should there be any.
  • quotes: memorable things she has said...not a lot, but enough for us!


...and some thoughtful hypotheses based on that info. What concrete knowledge we have about Bura can be written on the back of a postcard, but fan speculations made based on that info, could fill a phone book. Let's do the thing, babycakes.

  • biography: an indepth analysis of her life...well, as indepth as is earthly possible.
  • ancestry, biology, and power: what it means to be a monkey alien. Er, we mean, a noble Saiyajin.
  • princess?: is she really a princess, and what of? (Apart from our hearts, of course.)
  • family: the members of her immediate family and her relationships with them.
  • friends: an introduction to the two girls known to be her besties.
  • love: could love be on the cards for Bura? And just who with, I wonder?

Just For Fun

Some people wouldn't consider it "real" information -- whatever that is -- but it's certainly a lot of fun. Enjoyable bits and bobs o' Bura.

  • wardrobe: all two of her outfits! (Both red.)
  • colours: red and blue...do they clash? Who cares, Bura can rock 'em both.

Fan Talk

And here the inner fangirl gets let out of her cage. These articles are almost 110% pure unadulterated opinion, though attempted with a certain amount of subjectivity. Chances are there's things here that you disagree with...but I'm always open for discussion!

  • anti-Bura: I'll say it right here, right now: knock it off, haters.
  • why Bura?: so...what's the big deal about that one blue-haired chick anyway?