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for fifteen years and then some

Hey there, beautiful, and welcome to the revived The Wolf and the Flower, a sanctioned fanlisting and shrine to Mimato -- the pairing of Tachikawa Mimi and Ishida Yamato. TW&tF is an old, old, old shrine that, much like its source material, is getting a new lease on life as the webmistress discovered two amazing things: firstly, that the Mimato fandom is so not dead, and that she never stopped loving the pairing! So if you're a fan of this impossible but incredibly charismatic and chemistry-tastic fever dream of a coupling, please add your name to the list. Long live the beautiful delusion that is Mimato!

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Fanlisting last updated: 30 June 2018
Update Details: No new members, because it's 2018, dipshit!
Members: 4 (with 1 pending)
Shrine updated: not yet open!

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