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Love Ya, Sunshine!
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Paresu media

see and hear the girl in question

Blink and you'll miss her -- Paresu only appears in four episodes and one ED in Dragon Ball GT, but here I attempt to capture her very essence before she fades into obscurity (though stays forever in fans' hearts!). For your consideration, a modest image gallery, movies, music, and sounds. Enjoy yourself! Pacchan would want you to ^_~

gallery: episode 25

High-quality screencaps from "Taihenda!! Chikyuu ni Bebii ga Arawareta".

gallery: episode 26

High-quality screencaps from "Gohan to Goten...Saiaku no Kyoudaigenka!?".

gallery: episodes 41 & 42

High-quality screencaps from "Tenkaiichi Budokai, Satan no Koukeisha wa Dare" and "Shi Ne Gokuu!! Jigoku kara Yomigaeru Kyoutekitachi".

gallery: randomness

Scans of cards, stickers, and other related goodies -- exactly what it says on the tin!


Paresu's adorable voice, in many languages!

movie clips

Walking, talking, smiling...Paresu on the not-so-silver screen.


Music from Dragon Ball GT...and some Paresu-esque extras!
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