Love Ya, Sunshine!
Love Ya, Sunshine!
Love Ya, Sunshine!
Love Ya, Sunshine!

all about Paresu

the skizzy on Goten's yellow girl

Babbling on the internet about things you would never be able to talk about with a random stranger in real life is a lot of fun. Henceforth, I do it a lot. Keep in mind that a lot (but not all) of the information contained here is purely subjective, and at times highly opionated (but I hope not obnoxiously so). You are more than allowed to disagree with me; that's what makes life interesting. All that being said, here is some information about Paresu. Enjoy!

Please note: some of these pages will contain Japanese characters. If your browser isn't equipped to display these characters, you may see boxes, question marks, or other symbols instead of the proper kana or kanji. Please go here for information on how to set your browser to display these characters.

Paresu 411

A quick and dirty introduction - bits and bobs of info.


Why exactly would anyone make a shrine to a character with a total of less than an hour's screen-time?

the ditz argument

The ongoing battle in fandom. Is she an airhead? Isn't she? Does it matter if she is?

lady in yellow

...and also gold. Paresu's colour choices and what they could mean.

all in the name

Her names, what they mean, why Valese nowhere near right but is pretty, darn it.

he's my boyfriend!

Goten + Paresu, why they're adorable and why it's okay to think they're not soulmates.
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