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February 15, 2012 -- happy Valentine's day for yesterday! It being V-Day, of course the next pages to be edited would be 'love' and my opinion piece on Sorato. :P Enjoy?

February 5, 2012 -- the relationships and why pages have been heavily updated/revised so it sounds...less like I wrote them 11 years ago, basically. :P Also certain pages have been removed from 'info' and put under 'omake', as they're more opinion/speculation than canon facts. Links to unfinished pages have been removed, too! (How embarrassing...)

February 3, 2012 -- yes, still alive. Still being edited and added to and all that good stuff. 11 years online, come May this year. Woah.
So, what's new? Links page has been given a complete overhaul, and I edited a whole bunch of pages in minor ways...nothing huge, for now, although I have to say that almost everything is seriously pending a rewrite or two. I'm finally getting around to seeing Digimon in its original Japanese incarnation, and falling in love with Yamato once he really is. :)

April 12, 2007 -- yep. Still going. Five years later, we're still going.
Anyway. New layout, errors fixed, gallery up, links updated, etc and so on. There's still a crapload of things I'm yet to write/put up, and with a little luck, it won't be two years between now and the next update. Let's hope.

August 26, 2005 -- OH MY GOD. IT'S AN UPDATE. For the first time in a smidge over four years, an UPDATE! Let's see...we moved to my VERY OWN domain, and hopefully this'll be the final move. Lots of little things have been tweaked, the FAQ page in particular. New links added, dead ones cleared out. And, of course, a new layout. The media section is currently down, but we'll work on that. Welcome back to life, RR!

August 3, 2001 -- I know, I know, I haven't updated for ages. BITE ME...I mean, um, been busy. My parents suck, yo...anyways. I updated a really tiny bit...just added a trivial yet VITAL FACT ( that a contradiction? Thought so) in the stats area, added my super mega amazingly coolies spiffy kick-some-ass affiliate to the front page, and changed the link from my collective to my ANIME collective. Mhmm! I promise I'll have some tangible content to update with in about a week. Promise! Really!! Just let me get my other site up...
Sod off!

July 18, 2001 -- New layout! Hope ya like. Minor updates here and there, a new section in info ^_^


July 8, 2001 -- Hullo. Didn't do anything really. Just added my personal homepage link to the index. Oh, and due to the overwhelming amount of HATE MAIL I got for this Mimato layout, I'll be changing it soon.

July 2, 2001 -- WELCOME TO JULY!! We have new fic-ish goodness in the fic section! Read, or I'll spork y'all to death!

June 30, 2001 -- Re-did Ignoring Destiny!'s rules and whatnot COMPLETELY, messed around with the colours on the main page, since I couldn't yesterday. Virtue is run by complete and utter pillocks, I swear...oh! And we've just passed 1, 000 hits!! **faints**

June 29, 2001 -- I hate sodding Fridays. **screams and howls and pulls faces** Anyway...nnewwwwww layout! Isn't it...lame? -.-;; Two new sections -- Pretty Colours and Love And Other Catastrophes.

June 26, 2001 -- Finally got off my butt and re-wrote Matt's song for him. Gahh, everyone was yelling at me, "there's extra lyrics, there's extra lyrics!" Be nice to me, I live in Australia and we haven't even seen any 02 episodes past the Digimon Kaiser arc yet!! >_<;; Also, new layout coming soon, I think.

June 25, 2001 -- Stupid me forgot to put the right META tag in the Japanese lyrics of Walk On The Edge, so I fixed that ^_^;; Aaaaand the site's on Anipike! **half-hearted happy dance** Everyone loves me.

June 18, 2001 -- YES, I CHANGED MY SODDING EMAIL ADDRESS AGAIN. GET OVER IT. You can now reach me at The site? I re-did the menu!
You're a talented lil' thing, aren't you?
**beats Yamako with a baseball bat**

June 14, 2001 -- Mwaha!! A Winamp skin in Konputaa!! And yes, I have been lazy lately!! Mwaha! A new rant from yours truly, entitled The Bastardisation of Sora, and NO, there's no Sora-bashing, just Sora-missing. Read it and see what the hell I'm going on about.

June 7, 2001 -- CHANGED MY EMAIL ADDRESS AGAIN!!! **coughs* Sorry for all this sodding confusion, but my email privacy is threated at the moment, soo...~_~;;; Feck goddamn hackers.

June 6, 2001 -- You know, that June thing still gives me the creeps...
I've now made the wallpapers available to both the major screen resolutions. Oh, and I've changed my email, minna. So just ignore any other addy, okies?

June 3, 2001 -- JUN?!?!
No, stupid, June.
Oh...that's okay then! Thankies, Yamako, now get back to your page. Hhhmmm...let's see if I remember all wallpapers! Linkies galore, and fixed minor errors here and there ^_~

May 30, 2001 -- Yay! Runaway Run is now OFFICIALLY OPEN!! **parties down with Yamako**

May 28, 2001 -- Not quite up yet, but I removed the "name" section because I just felt it was far too similar to Mari-San's "say my name" page of her Yamato shrine, and her page was up before mine. Heck, it even had the same name ~_~; I apologise, Mari-San. Oh, and added "updates" and my email to the front page ^_~

May 21, 2001 -- Opened for 4 days as a sneak peek for some people **grins**

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