This section can be considered under open construction, check back frequently for updates! In the meantime, everyone's favourite Kudou Youji in a nutshell.

Objective information on any character in Weiß Kreuz can be a difficult thing to put together, not solely because the canon differs depending which media you're discussing (audio dramas, manga, television, Koyasu's mad imagination), but because there are subtle plot holes all over the place in all of them. I have been a member of the WK fandom since I was small and stupid (now I am slightly larger and stupid), and 'canon' within said fandom is more of a guideline than a law. Fanon exists in the WK fandom solely to keep the source material from falling apart altogether.

(Just blame Koyasu. We all do.)

That being said, meet Youji. He's a twenty-something florist who loves nothing more than napping and spending lazy hours with a lady (or ladies) of his choice. Nobody under eighteen need apply. He is an utter playboy, without being a f*ckboi — he truly cares about every woman he spends time with and will treat her like a queen. His pet peeve — or really, it would be fairer to call it a "hatred" — is anyone mistreating women, especially violently. He has no patience or pity for anyone who abuses women, especially solely for being women.

When the sun goes down, he is also a truly lethal assassin. A member of the vigilante group Weiß, he works under a shadowy group known only as Kritiker, who tend to mete out justice in the places where the law can't (or won't, as the case may sometimes be) reach. It's a dirty job, and he knows it. He doesn't embrace it, but you couldn't truly say that he's tormented by his other profession, either.

Youji is a creature of vices, and absolutely unashamed of any of it. He smokes like a chimney, indulges in "meaningless" sex, will sleep in late and disregard deadlines. He gives off a devil-may-care attitude, but this is merely a mask for a hurting heart. Behind those jade eyes, Youji is, in fact, a somewhat sensitive creature with a surprisingly soft heart. He feels things very deeply, and grows attached to people rather easily. Despite his near-constant teasing and joking, he obviously cares for his teammates a lot.

Soon to come:

  • Death Cat - a deeper look at the killer
  • Heartbreak Melody - the scars of his past
  • Ladykiller - women and Youji
  • Mindless Hedonism? - dissecting Youji's addiction to pleasure
  • Velvet Voice - the seiyuu par excellence, Miki Shin'ichirou